Siddhivinayak Properties aim Redevelopment as a novel initiative aimed at revamping people’s lifestyles. We provide homeowners a lifetime opportunity to revamp their current living conditions into modern and classic. We upgrade the features and specifications of existing homes and turn them into amazing ones.

Redevelopment- New way of living, Redevelopment in the real estate sector typically refers to the process of renovating or rebuilding existing properties or areas to improve their functionality, aesthetics, or overall value.

Our Process

The meeting provides an opportunity to understand the needs, preferences, and concerns of the residents. This can be done through open discussions, surveys, or invidual  interviews to gather valuable insights.

Once the commercial terms have been fulfilled, the residents will move – out from their respective houses into rented apartments. Thus, the building will be handed over for redevelopment and the project will proceed as per sanctioned plan.

Once the project is completed as per the architectural assessment, the finishing, inspection and various other installations are checked thoroughly. And the occupation as well as completion certificate is cleared. Thereafter the building is handed over to the residents with respective inductions.

– Society Registration Certificate.
– Approved Building Plan.
– Conveyance Deed / Lease Deed / Sale Deed.
– Society Members’ Decision on Redevelopment.
– Documents / Deeds / Agreements etc.
– List of members with their respective carpet areas.
– Property Card.
– D. P. Remark.
– Extract of 7/12.
– Search report and Title certificate.
– Index II